High Impact Marketing

Lean Monks is your business partner specialized in impact marketing: growth-driven marketing with deep roots in digital & analytics, and a laser focus on what makes your business scale rapidly and efficiently.

Our Monks help companies create and execute marketing strategies aimed at business growth while eliminating waste. 

High impact marketing

For companies focused on growth

For scale-ups and startups looking for a partner to help them grow through strong marketing strategy & execution, while eliminating waste.


Sophisticated impact marketing strategy provides a strong foundation for growth and expansion of your business.

Demand Generation with high ROI

Impact marketing creates more and higher quality leads. Lean approach brings on more optimised demand gen with a greater ROI.

BETTER LEAD conversion

Data-driven marketing focused on increasing conversion rates, boosting sales and growing business short- and longterm. 


Full-cycle impact marketing keeps customers engaged. Engaged customers = happy customers = strong business.

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B2b & B2b2c


Beauty & Wellness

Real Estate 



What We Offer

Our monks specialize in Impact Marketing. We make your company grow through efficient marketing with laser focus on growth and eliminating waste.

Impact Marketing Strategy

Set goals, identify your impact-making customers, build messaging, go-to-market channels and establish the metrics to measure success.

Impact Brand management

Introduce techniques to increase the loyalty and perceived value of what your company offers, creating and serving higher consumers’ demand.

Impact DIGITAL Marketing

Impact focused SEO, SEA, social media marketing & advertising, influencer marketing, email marketing, ASO, app stores advertising and more…

Performance marketing

  Impactful campaigns driven by solid results, continuous optimisation and eliminating waste. Quick to implement, easy to measure, instantly tweakeable, ideal for experimenting.


Engagement-driven and user centric experiences, behavioral psychology, A/B and multivariable testing for the most impactful user experience.

Data analysis & Insights

Measurable Impact. Collecting and correctly interpreting data for targeted steering in terms of marketing activities to achieve better results and eliminating waste.

Conversion optimization

All efforts are aimed at ensuring optimized and continuously higher conversion goals for greater ROI and therefore continuity of the business

Our work

Data Recovery Nederland®


Data Recovery Nederland specializes in retrieving lost files from various data storage devices, including hard drives, USB sticks, and SD cards, that have been affected by either physical damage or software issues. As the frontrunner in the Benelux region, Data Recovery Nederland has successfully restored critical data for numerous individuals and businesses, enabling them to regain access to vital information. Each year, thousands of clients entrust their data recovery needs to Data Recovery Nederland and experience the successful retrieval of their valuable data.

2,5k+ Reviews



Real Estate | Mobile App

Appartement has revolutionized the management of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) by introducing a mobile app designed specifically for community engagement. This innovative platform enables seamless communication between board members and residents within a building. With the Appartement app, members can effortlessly interact, discuss important matters, and stay connected.

3k+ App Downloads 



Automotive | Web App

LeasecarXchange is an online platform that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of pre-owned lease cars, catering to both business and private customers. With a focus on providing great deals, LCX offers a wide selection of cars that are often readily available with the added benefit of a cash bonus. For customers looking to part ways with their lease cars, they can register their vehicles on the platform for a takeover, enabling them to save thousands of Euros on the redemption price when they find a suitable party to assume the lease.



Lifestyle | E-commerce

sit&joy is a renowned company specializing in the production and distribution of fashionable beanbags. These beanbags are known for their exceptional quality and immense popularity. Offering an extensive range for both indoor and outdoor use, sit&joy caters to people of all ages, including children, adults, and even pets. By providing the entire family with vibrant and comfortable beanbags, sit&joy enables everyone to enjoy a relaxing and cozy seating, lounging, or lying experience.

100+ Reviews


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